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Composite Effects Mask Reviews

Composite Effects Mask Reviews

Composite Effects Masks


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Silicone Masks promise to transform characters to give a gruesome and monstrous effect and keeps the audience in an illusion. Composite Effects AKA CFX Masks offer a similar level of spooky satisfaction. Having been in the silicone mask industry for quite some time now, they have earned themselves a lot of recognition and fame.

Composite effects have worked for movies like 2 guns and also had a licensing deal with the popular show Game of Thrones. They have developed the DuraFlex technology, which ensures both durability and strength along with unrestricted movement. This technology allows masks to be made with fully enclosed mesh, which are contoured perfectly to the shape of the masks. It also prevents heat build-up and keeps the mask lightweight.

Silicone masks are not the only field where CFX excels. They also sell props, body parts, silicone gloves, foam latex appliances, action weapons and other eerie products.

They employ highly specialized and trained FX artists who design and develop the products with a lot of detailing. Customers from the film industry and the individual collectors are sure to be satisfied with their services. To ensure good quality and low price, all the products are developed and manufactured under one roof. Read CFX mask reviews below and please feel free to share your review with the rest of the world!


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