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Immortal Masks Reviews

Immortal Masks Reviews



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All of us like our spooky characters from Hollywood, but little did we know that we could customize and create our own silicone masks. Immortal Masks is ours to go to places as they are leading the silicone mask industry.

Immortal Masks offer a wide variety of silicone masks created using the flex fusion system. This system ensures durability and comfort. Along with offering different varieties of masks, they create custom creatures and props. It is a one stop shop for realistic character designs as they also provide Halloween costumes and bodysuits along with animatronics of sorts. They also supply products and designs in the film industry to add monstrosity to the characters.

They work with their customers personally, to create distinctive and exclusive designs. Their team includes FX artists from Hollywood who give an experienced and realistic edge to the products. They claim to be better from their competitors in terms of pricing and their unbeatable designs. The flex fusion system used by them adds impressive expressions and ensures precision in the design. Heat build up is also avoided through this innovative technology. As a result of which, one doesn’t need to worry about the running tears. New products are added regularly to accompany the already existing ghostly products. Read Immortal mask reviews on your site. Read Immortal mask reviews below and please feel free to share your review with the rest of the world!


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  • HurleyFX

    At the apex of design, innovation and customer care, could not be happier with the customer care and mask for my wife. Great team and thoroughly deserve the attention and credit they are getting.

  • Manny Pollack

    Immortal has definitely risen to the top of the silicone mask masker list. One of the things I am impressed about is their ability to constantly create new and creative masks, I have no idea how they churn out so many new masks. Every time I look they have a new creation.