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Oneail FX Mask Reviews

Oneail FX Mask Reviews

oneail fx


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Oneail FX studios is a full-fledged US based special effects shop providing everything from silicone masks to animatronics. All of their masks are reinforced with powerful mesh ripstop fabric that makes them highly durable in nature. Affordability and quality are their prime area of concern. Standard head sized masks are made so that fit everyone. Having a huge fan base, they ship their products to many countries around the world.
Silicone masks from Oneail FX ensure instant transformation as using these masks does not involve any sort of makeup or messy glue. Furthermore, their products are very realistic that excites most of the haunted collectors. They also take custom orders for silicone masks for various events and party that you might be hosting and create masks from the scratch. However, it is required to order the products 2-3 weeks in advance to receive the shipment on time.
Jeremy Oneail, owner of the company, has done various special effects makeup for TV and movies. He aims to provide the best in masks to his clients so that they keep coming back for more. Order your silicone masks from Oneail FX studios to experience the mystery hiding behind them. Read Oneil FX mask reviews below and please feel free to share your review with the rest of the world!


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