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Shattered FX Silicone Mask Reviews

Shattered FX Silicone Mask Reviews

shattered fx silicone masks


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Shattered FX was founded by Jarred Alcala, whose passion for making silicone masks led him to creating this widely recognized company. Professionally trained and highly skilled artists with experience in this industry are a part of the team.
All of their silicone masks are made with premium medical grade silicone which are designed to move along with the facial movements. These masks reduce the cost of makeup done by professionals. The speciality about these masks is that they are handmade and can be customized accordingly. The major stress points in the mask are reinforced to ensure durability and endurance. Comfort, ease and flexibility are particularly ensured in the product. Each mask is diligently painted by the artists to bring the monster to life.

Along with silicone masks, they offer a huge variety of products. They sell props, costumes and other related products. Shattered FX introduced the half masks which are half the price and lightweight and are specifically designed for the haunted attractions.

The best thing about Shattered FX is their lifetime warranty which is also their USP as no other company offers a free lifetime warranty. They ship their products worldwide and turn their customers’ haunted dreams (and nightmares) into reality. Read Shattered FX mask reviews below and please feel free to share your review with the rest of the world!


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