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Studio 135 Mask Reviews

Studio 135 Mask Reviews

studio 135


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Silicone Masks have proven to be the perfect solution when one wants to achieve that seemingly real and spooky look and Studio 135 is an ideal place to get one. Studio 135 is a Silicone Mask company based in Pennsylvania and was founded by Bryan Silva who has culminated this unique skill set of character creation within him. The company brings these Silicone masks to life with its effects and eye for detail.

Studio 135 offers a wide variety of readymade silicone masks that can be purchased online. One can even customize such masks as per their needs. All they require is a description or a photograph similar to what is required and the Company will make the requested alterations. Studio 135 also provides a range of services, be it practical services like sculpting, mold making, make up effects and digital services such as texturing, facial animation and blending shapes. Its meticulous sculpture with exceptional fine details, intrinsically colored and breathtaking paintings add a unique level of realism to these masks which remain unmatched.

The Silicone Company is constantly updating and creating new designs to suit the needs of the customers completely. So, the next time you need a silicone mask or any assistance with character creation, you know Studio 135 is the way to go. Read Studio 135 mask reviews below and please feel free to share your review with the rest of the world!


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  • Jack Fox

    They are fabulus. I have owned many of their masks and they are one of the best on the market. Eye holes are the biggest thing that sets their masks apart from others.